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Asiair guiding problems pdf

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doc 20Version 1. USB INPUT: USB pass through to the USB port on dovetail saddle. Equipment -- Star Adventurer Pro 2i Canon t3i Ha modified Zenithstar 61ii Asi 120mm mini Asi 30F4 guide scope Ok so for the first month or so that I had the Asiair Pro it worked phenomenally. Ah, I see, however, I wanted to use the 5V USB-C input on the ASIAIR only, not the 12V DC jack. 5 Sure, but its still a crippled version. . Connect 12V DC to the power socket. My only problem with the ASIAir Pro is that it requires a 12V power connection now, which means I need to lug around my big Jackery battery. 7 OS for ASIAir Pro 2021 0806" that linked above was supposed to be for fixing this issue for the new Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro, according to the message from the ASIAir forum. . This would repeat 2-3 times during the same sub. I use a USB EQMod cable and connect directly to the mount from the ASIAir (so just a one-wire hookup). Shutter: Bulb. Lens cover. 8-0. 30%. 5x Faster TF card with 20GB free (additional USB drives can also be used as required). In bad or mediocre seeing, increase the length of your autoguider exposure to 5 or 6 seconds. Figure 5. Everytime. ASIAIR PLUS-32G. Sometimes a screenshot can reveal a lot more than just "bad guiding". . I don’t need guide just dither, having the ability to dither in the shooting sequence without guiding would solve a lots of problems. . . If ASIAir's guiding implementation is similar to PHD2 guiding, it might be possible that there is a "Time Lapse" option enabled. Net Framework (3. Step 2: Select the ZWO Focuser in the dialog and click OK. Other than some system problems with guiding and calibration, i have been impressed with the polar mounting, GoTo, centering of image, autorun set up. . Now with the AAP and goto capability life has gotten much better. Just connect your phone or pad to ASIAIR WiFi and explore the universe. fast slewing; so when ASIAIR "forgets" to set the slew rate to perform guiding, the mount would slew to never-never land. Page 1 of 2 - Is your Guiding with ASIair Crappy? Read this post. 9 and then go back to 0. ASIair Pro and CGX help - posted in Equipment (No astrophotography): I need some step by step directions on setting up this combination. Wade Prunty. . I agree that ASIAir can guide very well. ASIAIR + exposure failure troubleshooting - posted in Beginning Deep Sky Imaging: Since i have bought my AAP, and now my first dedicated camera for DSOs, which is a asi2600mc pro, i have had issues off and on with exposure failures and the camera being automatically disconnected from the system. Then tap the upper WiFi icon to get the AM5’s WiFi setting page. The ASIAIR Plus plays very nicely with a ZWO EAF, taking the pain out of getting pin-sharp focus. . allow direct USB connection. The one without the handcontroller even has a spike. Also, you can handle more gears, such as EFW and EAF from ZWO. Shutter: Bulb. I'm actually using az-gti with astroberry (raspbi Pi4b, 4gb) and met some problems in guiding,both from PHD2 and internal Kstars guiding. . You can use 1s guide exposure for this part to speed up the process. 5mm compared to the PRO’s dimensions of 92mm x 67mm x 35mm. . doc 20Version 1. 4. Page 2 of 2 - New 256GB version of Asiair Plus released - posted in Beginning Deep Sky Imaging: FWIW, the guide app on the ASIAir is PHD2 version 2. . Wider field guide scopes require larger values for calibration steps. . 1mm/5521, center positive). . Following a polar alignment and successful setting up of ASIair and connection to the mount and Sky Safari on the iPad I slewed to my first target star - Capella - to check things were basically. I don’t need guide just dither, having the ability to dither in the shooting sequence without guiding would solve a lots of problems. It houses a high-performance SONY IMX290 1/3” monochrome sensor with 2. Here are the main answers I have gotten. 5. Very frustrating as you could imagine. Power Failure Protection The AM5 EQ/Alt-Az mount head from ZWO is equipped with a power brake system. . met_scrip_pic police chase virginia yesterday near me.

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