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I will never go on a cruise again reddit

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They make it seem like dressing up is a required thing but when in fact, it’s not. I wouldn't go on a cruise for any sort of "adventure", otherwise. Ive binge watched. One thing to consider is cruise length. . on a Carnival cruise many sunsets ago my wife was, umm, overserved, and walked off with my DSLR during the middle of dinner and somehow managed to take just over 500 photos of the ongoing sunset, all at some strange angles. . The exception to a passport requires the ship start and end at the same port (closed loop) PR is part of the United States. We are booked to go on a cruise January 23rd out of Galveston. Going to prison in a foreign country would be the memory of a lifetime. . That Disney cruise was better in every conceivable way, but in 2022 money would have been much more expensive. Overall my parents really love to do cruises but they have never done an all-inclusive. I'm very close with the couple, so it would be likely I would find out if they were sick. We were on the radiance in July. . . So 4 meals at a specialty dining venue for the whole cruise. . . For example, this one with Holland America, 7 nights, $350 total, around $50/day. . On the smaller ships you'll get faster customer service. . We priced a viking cruise and it was 25k for next year including air. If more older crowd and more calm atmosphere, go RCCL. . The good news is that we enjoyed it a lot more than we. Someone on Breakaway right now posted yesterday and said the cruise is going great. Travel Agents/AAA/Costco also have some benefits for OBC and the like. The MDR food was okay. Overall, RCL eeks out a lead for me in general, although I prefer Haven over non Star class suites (and Star class is way out of my budget). Well DOGE went below 0. A couple stood up to leave, the performer started making fun of them for leaving. Today is Day 2 of this 4 day (3 night) cruise. If you you go on a 6+ day cruise on Norwegian or Royal Caribbean, it's tough to beat in my opinion. Everything looked well-maintained and the ship constantly smelled like an expensive shopping mall, if that makes sense. The Jungle Cruise works in a very well put together shift system. . met_scrip_pic distrowatch q4os.

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